By utilizing CNC-5-Axis machining centers with pallet changer we are handling complex components made out of all common steels, stainless steel, non-ferrous metals, plastics/composite materials or titanium- and nickel alloys. With our ERP software, the incorporated PPS system, separate programming work stations, the powerful CAD/CAM software and centrally managed tools we are also capable to manufacture economically and efficiently individual parts as well as small series.

Continuous investments in new machinery and tools guarantee our customers highest quality and competitiveness.

We are equipped solely with machining centers from DMG Mori.

Our machinery

DMGDMC65Ø630 x 5005 Axis, 120 Tools, ICS, Pallet changer
DMGDMU85Ø850 x 5905 Axis, 120 Tools, ICS, 1500kg max weight
DMGDMU 60 eVo linearØ600 x 5005 Axis, 60 Tools, ICS, Pallet changer
DMGDMC1035 V ecoline1035 x 560 x 5103 Axis, 30 Tools, ICS