That’s how we started….

Our origin is high quality and high accuracy grinding. The higher the technical requirements to achieve in terms of surface quality and tight manufacturing tolerances the higher the need for technical know how and experience. We are taking advantage of our over 50 years’ experience in this area. 
Our core competencies are face grinding, inner and external cylindrical grinding within µm tolerances. Depending on the technical requirements, cylindrical grinding e.g. is required to achieve the dimensional tolerances in absence of twist structures. 
We are utilizing Okamoto grinding machines to face grind components with tight geometrical tolerances with the highest finish quality. 

Universal grinding machines

Studer S20-400Ø200 x L400
StuderS20-650Ø200 x L600
StuderS30-1000Ø350 x L1000

Surface grinding machines

OkamotoPSG84       800 x 400 x 500
OkamotoACC63SA600 x 300 x 400