Measurement Technology

Quality is measurable

Our customers determine what quality is. In order to meet your quality standards, we rely on the latest processes and techniques. In addition to the numerous measuring islands for quality monitoring during production, further measuring methods are available in our air-conditioned measuring room. The heart of the system is our CNC 3D coordinate measuring machine from Zeiss.
Permanent monitoring of measuring equipment, our quality management system certified according to DIN ISO 9001:2015 and your inspection planning ensure the required quality standard.

Our machinery


ZeissAccura 7900 x 1200 x 7003D-Coordinate measuring machine
MitutoyoSurftest SJ-400350 x 250 x 350Surface measuring instrument
MitutoyoRound Test RA-114Ø7 - Ø280 x 300Form measuring instrument
SchneiderProfil projector250 x 130 x 100 
GarantHC1H600Height gauge